Wedding photos

Wedding guest photos

Most wedding couples hire a professional wedding photographer like Frugal-Foto for their special day. The photographer will stage many shots and will pose people to get the best “look” for the couple and their court. Many professionals have clauses in their contracts prohibiting amateur photography during the event. I’m not quite sure how they enforceContinue Reading “Wedding guest photos”

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Fix a face in a group

A great family or bridal party photo can be a priceless keepsake to commemorate weddings and other family milestone events; and families love to have as many of the group as possible in each shot. That can present interesting challenges for the photographer. We want the shot that best captures the enjoyment of the moment,Continue Reading “Fix a face in a group”

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Cropping photos

Android phones, iPhones and photo apps allow you to change the photo size, resolution and aspect ratio. So, if you’re using your phone as your main camera you can use the phone’s photo settings for various sizes, resolutions, aspect ratios including: But most digital single lens reflex (DSLR), 35mm film, and mirrorless cameras capture atContinue Reading “Cropping photos”

Adobe Photoshop DPI photo editing photo sizes PPI

Photo image & file sizes

A digital camera is a little computer that produces digital files. All computer-generated information creates a file. A camera file can be a JPG (acronym for Joint Photographic Experts Group). Your cell phone camera usually produces JPGs. DSLR cameras can be set to produce JPGs or RAW files. (“RAW” is apparently not an acronym, butContinue Reading “Photo image & file sizes”